Hi👋 This is MUNCH 大力冰堂 from Hong Kong.

A creative studio specialises in illustration, character design and motion graphic, to prepare an appetising solution for your brand.🤤

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Jrink - Tea Lager

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What can we do?

Brand & Event Identity
Brands are created in mind. It is way more than just a name or logo, but a story and a set of value.
Print Design
We love books, and so we love designing it. Of cause, we can also do flyer, business card, poster etc.!
Packaging Design
Consider the packaging from inner to outer. Evoke consumer's curiousness to your product.
We provide illustration solution according to clients' need by using the most suitable style.
Motion Graphic & Animation
Motion graphic is one of the best tool for your product/ brand in the digital platform.

Looking for inspiration on style?
check out gallery below! (Coming soon🥰)


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